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   In these tough economic times, we're all feeling the stresses and pressuresthat
   have emerged with our nation's recession. If you are a current YMCA member who
   haas been affected by unemployment or other financial hardships, we can help. 

Financial Assistance

Health is Wealth!

In these tough economic times, we're all feeling the stresses and pressures that have emerged with our nation's recession. At the YMCA, we want to take the pressure off and provide an avenue for stress-relief! Health is wealth, and your personal wellness is priceless. If you are a current YMCA member who has been affected by unemployment or other financial hardships, we can help.

YMCAs are charitable organizations here to serve people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and incomes.

The YMCA is community-based and believes that its programs and services should be available to everyone. That¹s why we offer an Open Doors Financial Assistance Program, which is a sliding fee scale designed to fit each individual¹s financial situation. Charitable contributions to the YMCA enable us to provide financial assistance on a sliding scale. We promise that everyone who qualifies will receive assistance to the greatest extent possible based on the availability of funds.

Over the years, we have found that the Open Door program is most utilized by:

  • Youth referred by schools, churches and organizations
  • Adults who are temporarily out of work
  • Those who are divorced and are experiencing financial hardships
  • People on fixed incomes
  • People who are overwhelmed by medical bills
  • Those experiencing other financial hardships
  • If you would like to obtain more information on our Open Doors Financial Assistance program, contact us!

How Do I Apply?

The YMCA currently supports over 1,600 individuals with financial assistance. Last year over 27% of our members were served with financial assistance totaling more than $220,000 dollars. If you have recently experienced a life change such as job loss or increased medical expenses, you are not alone! The YMCA is here to serve you and strengthen our community during tough economic times.

  • Getting started:
    • Please review page 2 of the YMCA Membership Rate Form for required documentation.
    • Complete a Request for Open Door Membership.
      • Must answer all questions honestly or ineligibility from the program for 6 months will occur.
    • Come to the Y and drop off the open door application and bring in all supporting documentation.
    • Complete a Membership Application.
    • Contact a YMCA member services representative in person or call 815-933-1741.
    • Your application is processed confidentially and someone will contact you directly to let you know the amount of assistance you have qualified for.

Strong Kids = Strong Families = Strong Communities but it all starts with YOU!

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  • Free Personal Training - An Annual Savings of $2,600
  • Free Group Cyling Classes
  • Free Land & Water Aerobics Classes
  • Free Child Watch (Babysitting while you workout)
  • No contracts
  • Family atmosphere
  • Free Family Fun Events
  • Members save on programs
  • The Y is for ALL! (We turn no one away because of inability to pay
  • Two indoor pools
  • Stress Relief
  • State-of-the-art workout equipment
  • The YMCA has been serving the community since 1894 and is HERE FOR GOOD!
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